Saturday, March 22, 2008

MP3: The Breeders 'Bang On'

They might look more like American tourists than rock goddesses nowadays but that doesn't mean that they're not still worth our attention.

Download the MP3 here

New album 'Mountain Battles' out soon.

Video: Justice 'DVNO'

Dummy loves Justice as you know. New single out April 28th.

Video: Late of The Pier 'The Bears Are Coming'

This has been out for ages but it's great so I'm posting it anyway.

Video: Buraka Som Sistema 'Sound of Kuduro'

Love this.

MP3/Video: John & Jehn '20L07'

More trendy/sleazy French types.

Download the MP3 here

Be Your Own Pet Webisodes 1,2 and 3

Those crazy kids!

Video: The Teenagers 'Love No'

Another hip video from the French sleazemongers...

Monday, March 03, 2008

"Top Ten Worst Bands Of All Time" by Yeasayer

Brooklyn's unfaultably earnest Yeasayer – who are rereleasing their awesome album All Hour Cymbals from last year, probably because nowhere near enough people realised it was out already – took a few minutes out to cuss some bands for us. Can't really fuck with any of their irony-busting choices. They're on mini-tour at the moment, so if you didn't get round to seeing them last year, get down to the ICA on Wednesday. Or see them in Glasgow or Manchester later in the week, if you live there. The 'Wait For The Summer' single is out on 17th March, and the pretty cool video is above. Yes! Yes! It is! On with the hate:

1. Van Halen / KISS
Let them duke it out. To the death.

2. Bare Naked Ladies
They should be number one, but Van Halen really deserve it.

3. Lenny Kravitz
Apart from the fact that Lenny is terrible on his own, he also taints other artists, like Jay-Z.

4. Black Crowes
Why are these guys famous? Their career was made off of crappy covers. Plus they just seem like assholes.

5. Eric Clapton
What a loser.

6. George Thoroughgood
One whiskey, one bourbon, one shoot-me-in-the-head-right-now.

7. AC/DC
Little Australian men in little shorts singing the same song over and over again.

8. Pearl Jam
Eddie Vedder influenced every bad singer from 1992 on.

9. Santana
Santana seems like a really cool guy, but he's had far too many collaborations with Rob Thomas.

10. Sublime
Snowboarders have really bad taste in music.

5/3 Bar Academy, Manchester
6/3 ICA, London
8/3 King Tuts, Glasgow
9/3 Night + Day, Manchester
10/3 ICA
'Wait For The Summer' single out March 17th, All Hour Cymbals album out March 31st