Monday, November 30, 2009

Fabric release first volume of dubstep-not-dubstep comp

ELevator Music Vol. I, a CD of "the mutant strain of 140 BPM bass music", will be released by Fabric on the 16 January. Basically, it's stuff that started out in dubstep but, well mutated. As poster boy Untold told Pitchfork “The interesting stuff is coming from producers exploiting the grey areas building tunes that are dubstep by accident." It's an unfortunate choice of words – the "grey-ness" of dubstep-cum-techno is pretty much the worst thing about it – but he has a point. While news that the most interesting bass music is taking place between techno, grime, garage, house and dubstep rather than inside a particular scene, from the look of things, this comp will be a very worthwhile documentation of the scene.

And their launch night looks bloody brilliant, and the CD will get you in for free. So, y'know, buy it.

'Elevator Music Vol. 1' tracklisting:

1: Hot City – If That’s How I Feel
2: xxxy – Sing With Us
3: Doc Daneeka – Drums In The Deep
4: Hackman – Pistol In Your Pocket
5: Julio Bashmore – The Moth
6: Untold – Bad Girls
7: Octa Push – Doctor Bayard
8: Shortstuff – Behave
9: Skinnz – Ukraine
10: Mosca – Gold Bricks, I See You
11: Martyn – Friedrichstrasse
12: Vista – Elixir
13: Caspa & Rusko – One Of The Same
14: Om Unit – Encoded
15: Starkey – Black Monolith


16: Shortstuff & Brackles – Melvin Blue (Digital Bonus Track)
17: Hackman – Pistol In Your Pocket (Hypno Remix) (Limited Digital Bonus track)


Todd Edwards, Hudson Mohawke (LIVE), Rustie (LIVE), Jackmaster, Spencer, Nelson, Goodhand + MORE GUESTS TBC

2562, Headhunter, dBridge, Instra:mental, Joy Orbison, Jack Sparrow, Sigha

Untold, Shortstuff, Hot City, xxxy, Mosca, Vista

Friday, November 27, 2009

LOTP artwork and, you know, song

Late Of The Pier are shoving out a new record. It's called Blueberry, it's on Erol Alkan's Phantasy sound label, digital release date 14th December, physical in Februrary, with another track called Best In Class. Artwork above.

There's lots of interesting developments in the Ell Oh Tee Pee camp, with the first release on Zarcorp soon, solo albums, side projects, film projects, and maybe, perhaps, a follow up to Fantasy Black Channel due next year. They announce it thus –

“Here is the beginning of something new.

We’re rewriting our own rules.

And taking on new projects.

In new forms of expression.

The past few years have given us a lot to think about

and feel.

And now we begin to bring to life,

our imaginations.

Here is the beginning of something new."

Dissident dies.

End of an era.

Andy Blake issued this earlier –

hi everyone,

i hope you are all well.

as some of you may have heard on the bush telegraph, i've decided to
shut dissident down.

when i started the label back in 2007 the whole point was that it
wasn't in any sense a 'proper' record label, it was just a way to get
music out quickly on the highest sound quality format for clubs and
dj's and play a tiny part in trying to help the independent record
shops and distributors by staying faithful to the vinyl format when it
seemed that virtually everyone was throwing the towel in and going
digital. thats why it was 'dissident.distribution' on the labels, not

just under two and a half years and something north of 60 releases
later, the time has come to move on.

i'm not entirely sure why but it just seems obvious that it's time for
me to stop the label and do something new. i could cite factors like
having the label take over the rest of my life for the last two years
and the original simple set of rules of play that felt so liberating
to begin with having become something of a dogmatic straitjacket - a
little bit like when the originally free-spirited revolutionaries find
they have turned into an oppressive communist regime. a little bit,
but not much :-)

there are also things like the fact that lots of people constantly
assumed that the records sold out in a matter of days without taking
the time to check with the label, shops or distributors to confirm
this before they downloaded crappy low-res mp3s of the 'sold-out'
tunes, thus somewhat defeating the object of having a vinyl only label
in the first place.

i guess the main reason behind me moving on is that i'm busy running
the world unknown night in brixton every month with joe and duncan and
being asked to dj all over the place and if i continued trying to run
dissident as well i'd quite possibly end up making a bit of a balls of

so that's that really. i'd like to take this opportunity to thank all
the artists who have released on the label, tom at vacant design for
the graphics, all the guys at curved pressings and rubadub and juno
and everyone else who has supported or been involved in any way with
the label. it's been an extremely fun, fulfilling and illuminating
experience all round and given the chance to do it again i wouldn't
change a thing.

my original intention was to have at least a few months completely
away from any record label business but there are already all sorts of
ideas and rumours flying around about what it might be fun to do next
so i guess i'll just have to see what happens.

so, back to the present. there's a 2.5 hour recording of me playing
records at the say yes halloween ball here;

it was a properly good night out as you can see from the short video
that thomas and nadia put together and it was great to finally make a
new live recording again after nearly a year since the last live one
from road to rimini in newcastle.

anyone in london who's up for it can join me for more of the same at
the horse and groom this saturday the 28th. i'm playing for the cut
and shut disco chaps downstairs from 1am-4am and ben gatto fritto is
playing upstairs for future sound of clapton so its going to be a good
one. hit me up if you need guest list and i'll see what i can do.

see you soon,




You'll be missed.

So, we're all going to the Horse and Groom tomorrow, right?

Pantha du Prince on new LP, working with Panda Bear

Pantha du Prince, the chap behind 2007's wonderful minimal techno record 'This Bliss' has moved from his Hamburg label Dial to the London label Rough Trade for his next record, 'Black Noise.' It will feature Panda Bear (Noah Lenox of Animal Collective – you knew that, right?) on vocals and Tyler Pope of !!! and LCD Soundsystem on bass. Head to Resident Advisor for an excellent miniinterview. Looking forward.

Tracklisting below, video of Hendrick Weber's smashing mix of Animal Collective's Peacebone further down.

01. Lay In A Shimmer
02. Abglanz
03. The Splendour
04. Stick To My Side
05. A Nomad's Retreat
06. Satellite Snyper
07. Behind The Stars
08. Bohemian Forest
09. Welt Am Draht
10. Im Bann
11. Es Schneit

Rough Trade will release 'Black Noise' on February 8th, 2010.

We Have Band announce album and give away track.

When we hear We Have Band we go bananas, so news of an album full of dissipated bare-boned electro jams (hopefully) has us swaying and nodding with sublime joy like priestesses at a black mass or something.

I spoke to Darren about it a minute ago, and he said "We wrote most of the album a year and a half ago, and recorded it in Thomas and Didi's flats." He also said that there was quite a bit more depth and breath to the textures, rather than just ten "electro pop bangers". Gareth Jones, who handled post-production stuff, apparently maintained the feel of the live band, which is good, because something great about Oh and You Came Out is how erratic and live the singles sound. Unsurprisingly, they've been listening ESG, the Rapture, early LCD Soundsystem, and stuff from "just before the mad electro surge."

They play Koko tonight, and can also be seen at these dates and places.

30 - Buffalo, Cardiff

10 - Start The Bus, Bristol
11 - Fabric, London
12 - The Arches, Glasgow

Download a track called Honey Trap from their website HERE, observe excellent You Came Out vid below.

Old Song Of The Day – Acid Eiffel

By Choice. Sublime.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

You are coming tonight, right?

An exhibition of independent gig poster at WAH Nails.

Trans AM video and live album rushed out by Thrill Jockey

Trans AM (kraut disco punk band from when that was weird) release their live album on the 30th November. It's made up of gigs spanning from 1993 to 2008. There's a fairly pointless live video below, but still, you know, great band.

Friendly Fires remix

There's a lot of love for Friendly Fires round our way. It's the pianos that do it for Charlie, while I have a major soft-spot for Strobe. And Paris. And Kiss Of Life.

With their mega rave-up at the Coronet on December 4th fast approaching, we've got a whole lotta Fires stuff coming up, including an interview and a Dummy mix.

But before all that, we've got an unreleased gem of a remix by Moscow (aka Matt Waites) for you.

Download the Moscow remix of Friendly Fires Jump In The Pool.

Othello Woolf video storyboards

Othello Woolf's Stand is already one of my favourite songs of 2010. I've spent a fair amount of time plugged into myspace hitting the play button but it'll finally be out and available to buy in January. (Excuse me while I do a celebratory jig.)

Oliver (that's Mr Woolf) has been busy shooting the video to Stand over the last couple of week. He kindly sent over these awesome and exclusive storyboards by Art Director Jules Hunt.

Plus if you haven't already, read the Othello Woolf interview. Also worth a check is the Astronomer remix of Stand.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

4AD snap up Ariel Pink

Hypnogogic heroes Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti have signed to 4AD, joining the Big Pink, Tune Yards, Tune Yards, Atlas Sound, Camera Obsruca and Broken Records as signees this year. Haunted Graffiti's last albums have been through Animal Collective's label, Paw Tracks, and their new album (the first on the label) is due in Spring 2010.

They are supported on their London date by A Grave With No Name on the 5th. More news on the album soon. In the meantime, listen to either A Grave With No Name's mix HERE or their track Politely Declined here.

December tour dates

4 Bristol Qujunktions – TBC, UK

5 Minehead All Tomorrow’s Parties, UK

6 Cardiff Buffalo, UK

7 Nottingham The Bodega, UK

8 London The Rest Is Noise, UK

9 Manchester Deaf Institute, UK

10 Paris Point Ephemere, FR

11 Aalst Netwerk, BEL

13 London Lexington, UK

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Video: Fever Ray – Keep The Streets Empty For Me

If Thomas Demand directed the apocalypse. Beautiful.

JJ update

They're playing with the xx in the states, probably means that they're actually real.

How wonderful it would be to her them live.

Please download their album HERE, you honestly won't regret it.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Omar Souleyman, Raincoats and Atlas Sound for Pavement ATP

Pavement have added a few names to their ATP lineup, though it's all academic, as tickets have sold out. Good news, mainly because it means I can post Leh Jani. So far, the lineup is:






















(And Pavement, obviously.)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Noah + the Whale – Love Of An Orchestra

Click the above for a rather brilliant remix by Gold Panda of Noah and the Whale's pleasant enough track Love Of An Orchestra.

Girls on tour

Girls, very excellent band, if not very very excellent, return to Europe next year, Feb and Mar. Dates below, official video further below. HERE for the hardcore edit (we couldn't find an embed-able version).

22 13; Brighton, Audio
25 13; Southampton, Talking Heads
26 13; Lancaster, Library
27 13; Glasgow, Stereo

01 13; Dublin, Whelans
02 13; Manchester, Deaf Institute
03 13; Birmingham, Hare & Hounds
05 13; Paris, Maroquinerie
06 13; Brussels, Botanique
07 13; Amsterdam, Paradiso
08 13; Hamburg, Molotow
10 13; Gothenburg, Pusterviksbaren
11 13; Stockholm, Debaser Slussen
13 13; Berlin, Bang Bang Club
14 13; Cologne, Werkstatt
15 13; Strasbourg, Laiterie Club
16 13; Lille, Aeronef
17 13; Nantes, Olympic

Girls - Lust for Life from Myles Cooper on Vimeo.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dummy are throwing a PARTY.

On the 4th December, we're taking over Bardens Boudoir in Dalston. With live sets from EVERYTHING EVERYTHING and FICTION. And DJs. And US.
It's going to be very, very good.

Buy tickets HERE.

Confirm you attendance HERE.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Video: Golden Filter – Thunderbird

The Golden Filter - "Thunderbird" from The Golden Filter on Vimeo.

This video is wonderful. So is owning the 12".

Good Shoes Love Muscle

Check this video for Good Shoes' new single 'Under Control'. The sound is muscular and so are the girls.

'Under Control' out on Brille January 11th.

Disclosure: Paul Benney works for Brille Records

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tough Alliance – A New Chance (Tanlines)

What an utterly, utterly wonderful example of the remixers' art from the very good band Tanlines.

New Band! – Gardeners Question Time

My highlight of Pinglewood's 'Bleak Week' was the mindbending track I Saw God by this guy called Gardeners Question Time. After letting its ritualistic dirge wash over, it's been hard to take anyone seriously. His new jams, Aquarium and Puzzle just got whacked up to myspace, and are similarly fantastic. They don't sound a million miles from the xx, and even come close to sounding as lovely, but will probably sound more evil when I play them walking down the Hackney Road, which is utterly excellent. Mark this as URGENT, he is not joking.

Neon Indian 'vs' Au Revoir Simone

Been meaning to yammer on about Neon Indian for time, here's a golden opportunity. It's a remix of ARS' Another Likely Story, which is out on the 17th December, and is 'quite good.'

Another Likely Story (Neon Indian Remix) by user894213

Monday, November 09, 2009

RIP Jerry Fuchs

Our sincere condolences to the friends and family of Jerry Fuchs.

Jerry played drums in !!!, the Juan Maclean, Turing Machine and Manserati. He died aged 34 over the weekend.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

New band of the whenever – Azari & Ill

Just spinning out to Reckless With Power, a house tune by a Azari and Iii. Weirdly, they're from Toronto, now, not Columbia, 1993. Excellent. Hungry for the Power, which came out in the summer, is below.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Primary 1 'Foaming' out now

Mr 1 - or Primary to his mates - has released his new song 'Foaming' this week. It's grown up pop with a full set of teeth. I like it a lot. Read more about it this interview.

If you're anywhere near Rough Trade East over the next couple of days, pop in and check out the awesome record artwork. There are 100 unique sleeves, each hand painted by LA artist Teebs. Or hey - why not buy one!

Liars join list of reasons why 2010 is going to be bearable.

Sisterworld is their new album, out in good old early 2010. It'll be called SIsterworld, and it was recorded in LA. As as already been round the blogs about a hundred times, there's a site called which is something to do with it, which is a mildly diverting way to spend a few minutes, but it's probably best to rely on people like us to check it regularly, rather than clicking back ever again. They said this in the PR, “We're interested in the alternate spaces people create in order to maintain identity in a city like LA. Environments where outcasts and loners celebrate a skewered relationship to society,” and seen as they have made some of the best music of the this decade, yep, I'm excited. And the fact that it was produced by Tom Biller (Kanye West, Beck, Where The Wild Things Are / Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind soundtracks) suggests that it will be one of their "listenable" albums.

Four Tet's new album

Right, we're already psyched. Four Tet is brining out an album on January 25, it's called 'There's Love In You,' a single Love's Cry is coming out on 12" in December, it's on Domino, the tracklisting is

01 Angel Echoes
02 Love Cry
03 Circling
04 Pablo's Heart
05 Sing
06 This Unfolds
07 Reversing
08 Plastic People
09 She Just Likes to Fight

, the tour dates are

Border Community at Corsica Studios (DJ set) London
Plastic People (DJ set) London
Tivoli De Helling (DJ set) Utrecht
Merleyn (DJ set) Nijmegen
Plastic People (DJ set) London

And that's all we know for now.

You should be probably start going mental about this now, and certainly preorder the records.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Andrew Weatherall shows people round London

General hero Andrew Weatherall's wonderful taste in music and joyous verbosity have found a perfect compliment on Red Bull Music Academy's show London Belongs To Me, whereby Mister Weatherall takes us through his stories and records connected with the capital. He takes in Primal Scream, the National Gallery, the Clash, Trafalgar Square, skiffle, and Sabres of Paradise. It's rambling, personal and never gets boring. Listen below, or follow this link to be taken to the page. Otherwise, grab a copy of his decent new record 'A Pox On The Pioneers.'

Monday, November 02, 2009

Hot Chip announce big tour dates

Hot Chip, obvs one of Dummy's favourite bands, have announced a tour in support of their new album, pegged for release early next year. Preorder tickets here and get a free song. We'll be publishing an interview from Joe in a few days where he tells us a bit about the new record. In the mean time, book tickets now, this will sell out.


12th - Glasgow O2 Academy
13th – Edinburgh Picture House
15th – Nottingham Rock City
16th – Leeds O2 Academy
18th – Newcastle O2 Academy
19th – Manchester Academy
20th – Birmingham O2 Academy
22nd – Bournemouth O2 Academy
23rd – Bristol O2 Academy
24th – Norwich UEA
26th – London O2 Brixton Academy
27th - London O2 Brixton Academy