Friday, November 27, 2009

LOTP artwork and, you know, song

Late Of The Pier are shoving out a new record. It's called Blueberry, it's on Erol Alkan's Phantasy sound label, digital release date 14th December, physical in Februrary, with another track called Best In Class. Artwork above.

There's lots of interesting developments in the Ell Oh Tee Pee camp, with the first release on Zarcorp soon, solo albums, side projects, film projects, and maybe, perhaps, a follow up to Fantasy Black Channel due next year. They announce it thus –

“Here is the beginning of something new.

We’re rewriting our own rules.

And taking on new projects.

In new forms of expression.

The past few years have given us a lot to think about

and feel.

And now we begin to bring to life,

our imaginations.

Here is the beginning of something new."

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