Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Four Tet's new album

Right, we're already psyched. Four Tet is brining out an album on January 25, it's called 'There's Love In You,' a single Love's Cry is coming out on 12" in December, it's on Domino, the tracklisting is

01 Angel Echoes
02 Love Cry
03 Circling
04 Pablo's Heart
05 Sing
06 This Unfolds
07 Reversing
08 Plastic People
09 She Just Likes to Fight

, the tour dates are

Border Community at Corsica Studios (DJ set) London
Plastic People (DJ set) London
Tivoli De Helling (DJ set) Utrecht
Merleyn (DJ set) Nijmegen
Plastic People (DJ set) London

And that's all we know for now.

You should be probably start going mental about this now, and certainly preorder the records.

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