Friday, November 27, 2009

Pantha du Prince on new LP, working with Panda Bear

Pantha du Prince, the chap behind 2007's wonderful minimal techno record 'This Bliss' has moved from his Hamburg label Dial to the London label Rough Trade for his next record, 'Black Noise.' It will feature Panda Bear (Noah Lenox of Animal Collective – you knew that, right?) on vocals and Tyler Pope of !!! and LCD Soundsystem on bass. Head to Resident Advisor for an excellent miniinterview. Looking forward.

Tracklisting below, video of Hendrick Weber's smashing mix of Animal Collective's Peacebone further down.

01. Lay In A Shimmer
02. Abglanz
03. The Splendour
04. Stick To My Side
05. A Nomad's Retreat
06. Satellite Snyper
07. Behind The Stars
08. Bohemian Forest
09. Welt Am Draht
10. Im Bann
11. Es Schneit

Rough Trade will release 'Black Noise' on February 8th, 2010.

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