Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Dummy Blog Album of the Week: 'Boogy Bytes 3' mixed by Modeselektor

Modeselektor love silly, so I was worried this mix might be larded with novelty records. But, thankfully, apart from a pointless outtro and the nudge-wink electro-lounge of Siriusmo's Discosau, this instalment of BPitch Control's Boogybytes series is sixty-five eclectic minutes of gritted teeth and moppable brows as the Berlin duo explain what techno means in 2006. There are lots of hits here, including Spank Rock's Rick Rubin, Radiohead's Idiotheque, and Skream's Midnight Request Line, which makes this good for parties, but it's also a shame they went with such obvious choices – well, not obvious for a techno mix, but overfamiliar nonetheless. The last of those is one of four dubstep tracks, along with Burial, Various Production, and the Plastician, and all of them fit beautifully, apart from Burial's Southern Comfort, where the production seems to come from a colder, more precarious place than the consistently muscular buzz, squelch and snap of the rest of this mix. (Look at me complaining - how fast I've gone from excited to jaded about the techno-dubstep crossover.) Other highlights include µ-Ziq's ravey µ-Ziq Theme and the chopped-up TTC collaboration from 2005's excellent Hello Mom! LP. As with any techno mix, there are a few stretches of anonymous clanking that aren't of any use outside the club, but most of Boogybytes 3 is glorious technicolour.

Out now on BPitch Control.

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