Monday, June 18, 2007

Well Daft Punk are playing in Hyde Park, Hyde Park

When James Murphy sang Daft Punk Are Playing In My House on Saturday he was about as close to his dream as he could be. During LCD Soundsystem
set Thomas Bangalter and Guy Man de Homem-Christo were yards away backstage pulling on their robot suits and no doubt buffing their helmets to a gleaming shine. The Daft Punk
live experience is 50% about the music and 50% about the stunning visual display they project from within a pyramid structure. I was worried, as I took my place bang in the middle of the crowd, that only half the show would work as, at 8.45pm, darkness was some way off. My fears were cast aside when they appeared in their little robot suits and fired up Robot Rock, that this was one pyramid scheme that wasn’t going to go belly up. The set was a megamix of their hits from the three albums and the visual show was breath-taking with the ‘wow’ factor increasing as the show wore on. My only criticism was that musically the mish mash approach didn’t give you much time to enjoy some of your favourite moments or actually ‘get into a groove’. Da Funk and Alive were delivered in their entirety but other favourites like Superheroes only lasted half a minute. It was a bit like a Prince concert, here’s a verse of Raspberry Beret and now I want to go into a long funk jam before suddenly launching into the chorus of 1999. But, hey, that’s a minor quibble, especially when there is a pyramid that turns into a giant vortex prompting 20,000 to emit a loud, ‘OOOH!’

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