Monday, August 20, 2007

Bugged Out! Classics: 1994-2007

Despite Bugged Out beginning at the tail end of 1994 this is the first opportunity we've had to document the music that has defined the night. The choices are subjective of course, what I may consider a Bugged Out classic may differ to someone who chose to go to the club only whenever we put a Detroit techno dj on or who enjoyed our brief flirtation with big beat. Also the choice of Tiga record on the collection may not be his finest moment but it's the one that means the most to the night. I wanted to include music from the early days but it seemed healthier to include more of the recent past. Dance music has been in rude health for the past six years (despite the media claiming it had carked it in 2002) and I wanted to reflect that. What was most heartening from this venture was that from my initial wish list there were only a couple of tracks we could not get. One of them we had to leave off as no one, artist included, could work out who legally owned the rights anymore! A few well placed e-mails to the artists themselves helped cut through some red tape with Carl Craig himself giving the thumbs up to let us include his superlative Desire track from 1995. Mark Bell from LFO also let us use a version of Tied Up that originally came free as a limited flexi disc with Jockey Slut. He didn't have the original anymore though so we had to master from the flexi disc. Despite being from the mid nineties it still sounds utterly contemporary, which I suppose is the point of techno. Of course now that the collection is out in the world I look forward to reading on forums and receiving e-mails about what amazing tunes have been left off. But then, hopefully, there will be a volume two...

John Burgess is co-founder and promoter of Bugged Out!

Bugged Out! Classics (3 CD set) is out now. Buy here

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