Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Autoitalia screen Rock My Religion

Autoitalia, super-interesting South London art collective, are screening Dan Graham's 1983 film Rock My Religion at their premises. It's about Rock n Roll and sex and 19th century millenarist sects, and features interviews with Glenn Branca and Thurston Moore, I'm buying popcorn already. 4.30 at their premises on Sunday. So go go to their link.

Excerpt from the PR:

In Rock My Religion, Graham traces the history of popular music in America back to the 1950s, linking it with a 19th century Puritan sect, The Shakers. The bodies of the Puritan Shakers, reaching ecstasy in order to ‘overcome’ sexuality and to be closer to God, are juxtaposed with the shaking bodies of America’s pubescent teenagers, escaping their suburban prisons by immersing themselves in the sexually charged adoration of their pop idols – from Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis to Jimmy Hendrix and Jim Morrison.

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