Friday, August 11, 2006

Peaches, Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, 9.8.06

I grabbed a spot of dinner round the corner from the Commodore Ballroom before this show and spotted a martini named after Canada's most infamous potty-mouthed electro rocker. Ordering a Teaches of Peaches I asked the waitress if she was going to the gig? She wasn't but exclaimed, 'Oh that Peaches , she's real comfortable with herself!' Her new show is rock theatre at its best. This one goes up to eleven.

1. With all eyes on the stage Peaches surprises by making her grand entrance on the left hand side of the ballroom rapping through the salacious R&B of Tent In Your Pants.

2. Peaches has fleshed out her flesh show with a four piece girl band to do new album Impeach My Bush justice. Her trusty drum machine is now complemented by an Amazonian blonde behind a huge kit (with a wind machine blowing her hair skywards).

3. The band are dressed in glam rock style baco foil suits. There are several costume changes - all of them taking place on stage. She's real comfortable with herself remember, no need to disrobe backstage eh?

4. She performs Rock Show with a Flying V guitar that comes down to her knees.

5. Lovertits is inexplicably performed from atop a Chopper bike.

6. The guitarist blows up an inflatable phallus with a foot pump. The erect penis is then placed on the drum stool while the Amazonian blonde brings her sticks to play a synth drum front of stage. The penis is later stretchered off by a couple of dancing roadies (it wasn't the best drummer to be honest having no hands or anything).

7. During Give'er Peaches removes her pink bra and panties to reveal...a black bra and panties.

8. Support band Eagles of Death Metal gamely line up on stage and goon around for Hankie Code. I guess their hankie code expresses a preference for cartoonish heavy metal boogie. Either that or they like rimming.

9. Peaches has a drum machine which glides acoss the stage as if by magic (though I think it has something to do with castors, a piece of string and a hidden roadie).

10. Her guitarists (one of whom is JD of Le Tigre who features in her own lesbian calendar available for purchase in the lobby) do press ups and then arm wrestle during Give'er. Not while still playing their instruments I hasten to add.

11. At the gigs conclusion Peaches awards all her band a medal each. And then the band award her a medal the size of a dinner plate. They are all WINNERS you see.

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