Monday, October 16, 2006

Good Shoes, Barfly, London, 15.10.06

“So, which one of you paid £400 for a ticket on Ebay?” asks Good Shoes frontman Rhys Jones after the first song. His band are on steep upward curve at the moment, but it’s not them that someone has parted with their holiday fund to see. Tonight, they are supporting Razorlight at the 200-capacity Barfly in Camden. If they aren’t the main attraction, they are fabulous bonus nonetheless. The whipcrack interchange of guitars on 'Never Meant To Hurt', 'We Are Not The Same' and 'All In My Head' is spine-tingling, Jones is developing into a commanding singer and the fact that many of the songs are under three-minutes gives them a thrilling energy. The album’s due next year. I for one can’t wait. Oh, Razorlight were OK,. too.

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