Friday, October 20, 2006

Jamie T, The Scala, London, 19.10.06

Jamie T takes to the stage tonight with his third single, If You Got The Money, at Number 11 in the mid-week charts. He’s on the brink of something big and everyone in the capacity crowd knows it. If his band are a bit ragged and the backing vocals are set permanently to ‘shout’, well, that’s part of the DIY appeal. Energy levels simmer, then when he plays If You Got The Money the audience explode. It’s nothing compared to the reaction Salvador and Sheila get. “Drunk, she stumbles down by a river/Screams, calling ‘London’…’ he sings, at which point everyone screams at the top of their voices. In the encore, he plays a cover of Billy Bragg’s New England (the B-side to 'If You Got The Money'). It’s a great choice. If Bragg was 20-years old, he’d probably sound a lot like Jamie, who subtle acknowledges his roots in the process. Shame, then, that it’s so lacklustre. But the night ends on a high with the full throttle jig Brand New Bass Guitar. Wouldn’t it be great if he went Top Ten…

Jamie T is one the cover of issue three of Dummy, out now.

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