Monday, April 09, 2007

Red eye

Sweden's Studio have got a number of things going for them. Obviously, they're Swedish, which automatically gives them a degree of intellectual cool but they're also making the kind of music that makes me want to scoot down to Soul Jazz and snap it up straight away. For some reason, I don't want to buy music like this online and have it roll up on my doorstep along with the rest of the post. I want to take the time to take the train, walk from Charing Cross to Soho, perhaps dropping into Maison Bertaux for a coffee and a macaroon and go and buy it - with cash. Then I want to look at the sleeve all the way home because, boy, the design on this shit is lovely. All stylish boys should own one of their T Shirts.

What do they sound like?

There's no need to dance to their mostly instrumental architecture when you can hear it for yourself at

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