Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Review: Uffie's Igloo Rave Up, Mayrhofen, Austria, 12.4.07

The Snowbombing festival in Mayrhofen, Austria concluded last night, a week’s worth of snowboarding by day and then raving at night (I met some chaps that hadn’t quite made it up the slopes after five days there and who could blame them with the likes of Switch, Justice and Sunshine Underground on offer). The most memorable night was Thursday's igloo rave; 150 revellers were escorted 2000 feet up a mountain in a huge cable car to an igloo complete with a bar made of ice. Yes it was a bit chilly but you forgot about the cold after five Jagermeister shots. Clare from People Are Germs and Uffie played some salacious hip hop (remember that DJ Assault track – 'Ass and Titties'? Uffie played that which perhaps reveals where she got her potty mouth from) and Camden’s finest Filthy Dukes almost melted the place with their party electro classics. Other highlights included queueing up for a wee in a bucket, dancing in the snow and gamboling back down part of the mountain to the cable car for a hair raising ride back in the pitch black.

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