Tuesday, August 05, 2008

DJ Donna Summer likes BMore

We chatted with Berlin's DJ Donna Summer of Cock Rock Disco Records a while back, and he gave us this list of his favourite Club tracks for us to feel all vicarious to. He smashed it at Glade, btw. Links up soon, promise...

Dj Tecknics- Baby Baby Remix
With Bmore, you can flip almost any track into a track you want to bump uglies too, and this one takes The Supremes – that most holy and sanctimonious of groups, dresses them in high heels, and tells them to bring back $500 by dawn or they gonna get a bitch slap.

Dj Rod Lee- Watch My Hot Pussy
Rod Lee is a DJ & Producer & MC, and he's one of the first ones in the scene and still one of the best. A cross between foul-mouthed booty, Motown samples and some housey bits, it's always fun to Dj this to see people's reactions.

Jonny Blaze- Sponge Bob Squarepants
One of the first tracks I really flipped out over, this elder statesmen of the scene literally takes the theme to Sponge Bob Square Pants, loops it, throws a bass drum and a hand clap on it and makes it a ghetto dance floor classic.

DJ Technics -Frogs In The Coffee Pot
I don't know when it happened, but all of a sudden these producers started throwing more old school house and even rave elements into their tracks. This one is sort of like Percolator, but a bit more ravey. Always kills in a Dj mix.

K-swift- Club Queen
Yes, in the ultra-macho world of Baltimore club music, there is a queen. Dj K-Swift, one of the few ladies in the scene is one of the biggest. Her radio show for 92Q is a major force within the scene, and she's a killer Dj and producer too!

Tittsworth- Easy Like Sunday Mornin
So it's worth noting that Bmore is now more of a style, and while the original producers are doing great things, certain elements and styles have moved to a wider audience. So there's a second generation of (mainly white) new producers now and Dj Tittsworth is one of the big ones. He's been known to do more of the mash-up styled Bmore tracks, and they pretty all rule. Def goggle him and cop his mixes.

Dukey Man- Spiderman
Someone logic need not apply when it comes to success with Bmore. Take this track, it's literally some dude "doot doot-ing" the theme song for the old Spiderman TV show, and a beat. It kills.

Diplo- Work is never never over
Ok, so everyone knows Diplo, and know what? He's an awesome dude. So this one is a pretty easy formula, but it WORKS- Daft Punk + Bmore+ Diplo= topless girls.

Dj Ayres: La Da Dee (Crystal Waters Baltimore Club remix):
A partner in crime with Tittsworth, Ayres absolutely kills it with this house music classic. A Dj can pretty much drop this anywhere, anytime and have people all put their hands up and yell.

Dj Colt45- Shotgun
Not sure if this is the original track with only shotgun sounds for beats, as its become a sort of hallmark of new, young, black Bmore producers. While some other producers go for more mash-up styles, and some more and more cute/kids oriented tracks, others are going more and more dark, making beats only with guns, breaking glass and screams. Viva Variety!

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