Friday, August 08, 2008

Tough tough tough toys toys toys

Seriously, why have we failed again to visit Gothenburg? What more excuse do we need? Whatev, the finally recognised Tough Alliance are coming back with a new album, out on the 22nd September on Modular, and the typically affray-centric lead single, Neo Violence is above. Short of getting our shit together and actually visiting Mecca for this kind of stuff, we're content to bask opiated under the glow of a thousand hundred pastel streetlights while riots explode like crystal suns in the afterquake. The LP's called A New Chance, tracklist B-LOW!!!

1. Something Special

2. Miami

3. First Class Riot

4. A New Chance

5. The Last Dance

6. Looking for Gold

7. Neo Violence

8. 1981

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