Wednesday, March 11, 2009

In the studio: Good Shoes

I went to the tiny basement studio in Hackney yesterday where Good Shoes are recording their new album. It looked like the place had been invaded by a batallion of guitars from planet Fender. There was a smell of sweat and beer. The smell of good music being made in fact. Rhys played fast and furious on a song I didn't get the name of. His voice sounding more and more like a young Robert Smith. You know it has an emotional quality that sucks you in and which seemed heightened by the urgency of the production.

They played me some finished songs - The Way My Heart Beats was definitely reminiscent of Buzzcocks at their most visceral - a powerful energetic verse gives way to a sweet and melodic chorus. Definitely a good single, and having one of those never hurts a band. In A City By The Sea was more balladic, softer and more gentle. A love song and a very personal sounding one at that. Perhaps that was offset by 'Under Control' - a dancefloor anthem about sex, lust, obsession. My personal favourite though was 'Everything You Do' - brooding, moody, bitter and simple.

Good Shoes have a simple way with a melody and lyric that really speaks to people I think. They don't need heavy production for their music to have a meaning. Because of that honesty I think these songs will never sound dated. I'm convinced that future music lovers will look back on them with real affection, and understanding of what it might have been like to be a teenager in the naughties.

Anyway, to remind you all how good Good Shoes are, here's the fabulous Sophia, from Think Before You Speak.

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