Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Party 10/7/09: Dummy Presents...

Our Dummy parties seem to be going pretty well. Last time we were entertained by ace big-stage antipodeans Lost Valentinos (single out now on Dummy records, folks!!), ably backed up with the summer sound of 2009, from My Tiger My Timing. Thanks to them both.

The next party is on July 10th, from 8-2 a.m. Free before 10, £3 thereafter. Guests will include a few of our favourite new bands:
O. Children (www.myspace.com/ochildren), Solid Gold (www.myspace.com/solidgoldband) and The Binary Kids, fresh from their tour with Lady Sovereign (www.myspace.com/thebinarykids). Plus DJ's Stopmakingme (download his ace mix on the Dummy site), Johnno, L'Anorak and Bruce Leo.

We look forward to seeing you. Take Saturday OFF.

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