Wednesday, December 09, 2009

New Kompakt Pop Ambient announced

Kompakt will be bringing out their next edition of Pop Ambient, the series that celebrates ambient pop from a techno POV, on the 18th January 2010. The usual suspekts are there – Voigt, Koze and Dettinger – and, as last year's indicated, the emphasis is growing on the "pop", with Jurgen Paape reworking his schlager-led Ofterschwang from the last Total LP, and both popnoname and Thomas Fehlman of the Orb chipping in. If, like me, you've always had a bit too much going on to really "get into" the ambient techno that your friends keep on telling you about, this is a fine place to start. Tracklisting below, Voigt's sublime GAS from 1998 below.

01 “The Sound Of One Lip Kissing” Marsen Jules
02 “Lest You Forget” Brock Van Wey/BVDUB
03 “Shildergasse” Triola
04 “Zither Und Horn” Wolfgang Voigt
05 “Clouds Across Face” Andrew Thomas
06 “Glen Coe” The Orb
07 “Blue Items” Mikkel Metal
08 “Bodenweich” DJ Koze
09 “864M” J├╝rgen Paape
10 “Therefore” Dettinger
11 “In The Wind” Thomas Fehlmann
12 “Deutz Air” Popnoname
13 “Will You Know Where To Find Me” Brock Van Wey/BV

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