Friday, June 09, 2006

Get Off

I've got a theory that the MySpaceisation of the world means that people really want proper object again - mixtapes (see Jamie T, Lily Allen) and fanzines in particular. I am a MySpace refusnik (although, err, now a blognik – thanks Dummy). Yeah, yeah, it's good for listening to music but I'm with a journo friend of mine who has virtually stopped emailing and texting her friends in favour of – shock – ringing them up. I can now touch-text. This is not a good thing.

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Paul Benney said...

Yes rumour has it that certain top level record execs are no longer using email, if you want to contact them you have to phone them - genius! It's easy to whack off an email about any old nonsense but when you have to think about how the words will actually sound coming out of your mouth and the possible silence at the other end of the phone it does make you think twice. I regularly get a hundred emails per day but would I get anywhere near that many phone calls if I logged out for good? I doubt it.

The problem is that ditching the mobile phone and the email address is the preserve of the rich and important. For most of us we're too worried about missing out on a new opportunity to leave planet e(mail)...