Thursday, June 29, 2006


The saxophone is my most hated instrument. I can’t stand it’s strangulated squawking. But for some reason the fact that Love Is All have a sax player doesn’t bother me, not even when he does all that jazz-style twiddly stuff. There was a lot of twiddling at tonight’s performance at Cargo, both from saxophonist Frederik Eriksson and lead singer Jospehine Olausson, whose vocal style is somewhere between Björk and Fever To Tell-era Karen O. Nicholaus Sparding’s jittery guitar and Johan Lindwall’s revved-up drumming are no less frenetic. It’s like they’ve drunk ten Red Bulls. All four ping around the stage like pinballs yelping, screeching and jerking, and the unfettered energy is thoroughly infectious. Talk Talk Talk Talk, Ageing Had Never Been His Friend and Busy Doing Nothing are so twingingly exciting, you could listen to them again the moment they finish. This was a thrilling gig. Watch out for Love Is All in issue three of Dummy, due at the end of August, complete with sax.

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