Friday, June 09, 2006


Last night, I was sorting through my records in preparation for a rare DJ engagement. I don’t get asked very often. I think perhaps it’s because I lack the ability to ‘please crowds’. Mindful of this, my girlfriend said: “You’re not going to play any of that weird rave stuff that sounds like aliens, are you?” I had to admit that it had crossed my mind. I’m sure that everyone feels the same way about the music they loved as a teenager, but there’s still something about early ’90s rave that gives me thrilling jolt. It’s like a Roy Lichtenstein painting – garish, dumb and above all fun. I didn’t play any rave records last night. Instead, I’ve compiled ten of my favourites here (see right). If, like me, you still want more, see the 50 Best Rave Records Of All Time article in the current issue of Dummy. Feel the rush…

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Emma said...

No. You're right, and it's nothing to do with having first heard them as a teenager. Those records rule – and should be aired to the max this summer. Not to get too Simon Reynolds about it (and that's no disrepect, cos you've gotta love Simon Reynolds) but those basslines equal anything that came out of PE-era New York or even (pushing it a bit now) '70s JA for sheer molecule-exciting power.