Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Chart Biopsy

So Justice vs Simian gets to number 20 in the UK singles charts, nearly five years after it first came out. Is this evidence that the bigger record labels (Virgin in this case) 1. really are as sluggish and out-of-touch as everyone suspects or conversely 2. are genius strategists who have been biding their time until electro-house seeped into the pop mainstream? They've retitled it from 'Never Be Alone' to 'We Are Your Friends', presumably because so many people just refer to it as 'that we! are! your friends! song'. Anyway, it confirms what I've long suspected, which is that this Paris disco-synth-punk thing could easily cross over. Justice's astounding remix of Scenario Rock's 'Skitzo Dancer', in particular, is a number 1 waiting to happen. Meanwhile Madonna's new single 'Get Together' sounds exactly like Booka Shade's minimal-trance modern classic 'In White Rooms'. Pop eats the underground.

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