Thursday, July 27, 2006


"Crazy ass line-up tonight," boasted the flyers for this party and judging by the queue to get on board half of Paris was in agreement. Ed Banger records have swiftly built a formidable roster of new acts and have defined themselves in the same way Gigolo and Skint records did before them. Though not linked to a scene people do talk of liking 'the Ed Banger sound' which seems to fall somewhere between Head Ed Banger Pedro Winter's favourite album - The Beastie Boys' 'Check Yo' Head' - and Daft Punk, the band he manages. The full Ed Banger crew are present in full pirate outfits, Vicarious Bliss even opting for a diseased parrot on his shoulder though first must-see act tonight was Uffie. The Miami born hip hop pixie lives in Paris and is produced by Mr Oizo, she comes across like a less ominious, much younger Peaches. Winter followed playing crunk and old school hip hop before paying respect to his mentors by dropping Daft Punk's 'Da Funk'. Justice seem to have dropped the pop records that infested their sets last year for a more focussed, (very) full-on rave sound which was both exciting and histrionic culminating in their own 'Carpates' which sounded like a cats chorus dragged across a killer bassline. 2manydj's were the special guests - Stephen Dewaele looking more like a New Romantic Simon Le Bon than a pirate - and they played a one-off 'back to 2001' set, the year that rock, pop and electro aligned. Belgian rave gave way to Vanessa Paradis' 'Joe le Taxi' and the likes of Tiga, Felix Da Housecat and New Order were followed by the Dolly Parton/Royksopp nexus from their best (and still) selling Radio Soulwax compilation. It all but brought the boat down and concluded one crazy ass party indeed.
Ed Banger

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