Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Adventures In The Beetroot Field know how to throw parties, having proven their worth at Glastonbury, Bestival, Koko and Fabric they are setting their mish mash of bands, dj's and booze afloat by manning the Queen Mary on the Thames every Sunday until August bank holiday. After spinning a few records myself (was tempted to play 'Waterloo Sunset' but at 3.30pm the sun's hat
was still very much on) I spent a few hours on the deck listening to Riton's kraut rock classics (the boat is moored though Neu! may have sounded better in motion) and then went below deck to watch Shychild (2 men, a synth and a drum kit), Battant (shouty pop punk) and New Young Pony Club (same set I reviewed last week) before surfacing to bob about to Andrew Weatherall whose techno and post punk attracted the attention of a passing police boat. In the coming weeks they've got The Horrors, Good Shoes and Jamie T. Go to for the full line-ups.

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