Friday, September 28, 2007


A year on from the closure of Trevor Jackson's Output, one of the noughties' most influential indie labels, comes a compilation I Hate Music. This will mark the 100th release for the label and spans the decade it existed 1996-2006 over 2CD's and a DVD. It features tracks by Fridge, Four Tet, Colder, Blackstrobe, Manhead, Mu (Paris Hilton video above), Kate Wax, Circlesquare and Jackson's own Playgroup. It comes out on Nov 12th. Dummy phoned Trevor for a brief chat about it.

So is this really the last product to come from the label?
"Yes, Output is dead. It’s over. Finished. Someone else looks after the catalogue now (MRC). I made it to 99 releases so it makes sense to have this compilation out to reach 100. Also the DVD compilation is a good reason for doing this as there are nearly 35 videos that have hardly been seen before. The choices are basically my favourites, simple as that."

Why did you call it I Hate Music?
"Because at the time I hated music. I hated people. I hated artists. I hated everything to do with the music industry."

How do you feel a year on?

"I can be a selfish motherfucker now and just look after myself. I’m happy to just be getting on with my own music, there’s no pressure and I’m a better person for it. Expect some new music next year."

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