Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Boys Noize launches his debut album Oi, Oi, Oi at Bugged Outat The End on Saturday October 20th. Alex Ridha has promised "the best dj set of my life and I'm going to drop some tracks off my album. In fact I usually play almost every track depending on the time, crowd and mood." Of the lairy title for the album Alex says, "My very good friend and designer Paul Snowden (Wasted German Youth) came up with this idea when he looked at my sticker where Boys Noize was repeated three times. The "oi" was there each time. I thought it fits perfectly to the way I handle my label and myself by saying always "no" to managers, shitty promotion and things I don't like. It's kinda ‘anti’ but it fits to the music, as well. I know where the term/shout comes from and maybe it's a 2007 punk version of it. Punk doesn't just mean the music, it's a way of thinking and attitude. A techno party can feel like a punk concert!" Also playing at the party are Simian Mobile Disco (dj set), D.I.M - live whose 'Airbus Baby' has been big at the club this year, HervĂ© (aka Count of Monte Cristal) and Bugged Out regulars JoJo De Freq, Hannah Holland, Matt Walsh and Nadia Ksaiba. Tickets available from

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