Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Man, who doesn't like Daft Punk and specifically who doesn't like their retina scorching, head spinning, cartwheels and hard ons live show? They know all this so they're putting the set out as an album called Alive 2007 on November 19th. It captures their amazing live set as recorded in their home town of Paris. "We hadn't played there for 10 years," said Thomas Bangalter recently , "It must have been a special night for the audience, as well as for us." You'll just have to kick back and conjure up the crazy visuals in your own mind dudes. Here is the full tracklisting over two discs written in SHOUTY CAPS as I've just cut and pasted them right out of an e-mail:  CD1 ROBOT ROCK / OH YEAH / TOUCH IT / TECHNOLOGIC / TELEVISION RULES THE NATION / CRESCENDOLLS / TOO LONG / STEAM MACHINE / AROUND THE WORLD / HARDER BETTER FASTER STRONGER / BURNIN’ / TOO LONG / FACE TO FACE / SHORT CIRCUIT / ONE MORE TIME / AERODYNAMIC / AERODYNAMIC BEATS / FORGET ABOUT THE WORLD / PRIME TIME OF YOUR LIFE / BRAINWASHER / ROLLIN’ AND SCRATCHIN’ / ALIVE / DA FUNK / DAFTENDIREKT / SUPERHEROES / HUMAN AFTER ALL / ROCK’N’ROLL. CD 2 HUMAN AFTER ALL / TOGETHER / ONE MORE TIME (REPRISE) / MUSIC SOUNDS BETTER WITH YOU.

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