Friday, October 12, 2007


One of the singles that should have been a huge pop hit is seeing the light of day once again. Criminally ignored by Radio 1 over the summer D.A.N.C.E by Justice will hopefully receive some support from 'The Nation's Favourite' this time around. It is released on November 5th with a Les Rhythmes Digitales remix. Justice told Dummy earlier this year that the track is a true homage to Michael Jackson (the duo always argue they are a pop group not a dance act) and it features track titles from the King of Pop throughout. They had to audition singers from a children's choir (assembled by Damian 'Midfield General' Harris) and admitted they opted for an eight year old who was less slick than the rest (otherwise they were worried they may have a Moby record on their hands). In further homage news, the track is also a nod to Stand On The Word by the Celestial Choir which was made known through a Larry Levan bootleg (and was also championed by the Optimo dj's and included on the Pet Shop Boys Back To Mine album). Enough D.A.N.C.E facts? I think so.

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