Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Marina's new video + free MP3

Back in April, I fell hard and fast for Marina & The Diamonds' debut single 'Obsessions'. Read the Next piece here. Since then she's signed to 679, gigged all over and done a whole lot of blogging.

What I love about Marina, other than the fact she makes lush n quirky pop, is that she's unafraid to explore and question the unwritten rules of being a female popstar. Her recent blogs on Shakira's video for 'She Wolf' and Lady Gaga make for interesting and uncomfortable reading. Uncomfortable because we're all a whole heap of contradictions and she's brave enough to talk about them.

Anyway, it was a breath of fresh air to watch Marina's new video for forthcoming single 'Mowgli's Road'. It's awesome: creative, exciting, entertaining. She's got balls, that girl. Watch it below.

Plus, here's a free download of the Mille remix of Mowgli's Road. It's her favourite remix of any of her tracks ever, so we heard. We like it too.

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