Monday, October 26, 2009

Vinyl Factory come up trumps with Air package

Air's new return-to-form album Love 2 is being released as a high end package but Vinyl Factory, in a luxurious silver mirrored box, a gatefold, 200-gram, super-heavyweight 15-track double album with the songs from their new album especially mastered for vinyl. The records were pressed on the EMI 1400, and include three exclusive new Air songs, along with an exclusive art print and an exclusive eight-page booklet of large-scale photographs by Luciana Val and Franco Musso, which have been commissioned especially for this album. Which sounds awesome. Oh, it's £75. Which does beg the question "How much does anyone like Air?", but whatevs, it sounds nice.

Get it here

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for finding this brilliant offering from The Vinyl Factory..

I cant wait till mine arrives next week.!