Monday, February 05, 2007

Mutant Dancehall vs Sky News

Some people might be surprised by the swiftness that a track called Bird Flu by XL Recordings signing M.I.A. has surfaced. But, despite being perceived as ultra-topical, this addition to her MySpace player isn't even a recently completed track. This, we hear, actually pre-dates her last sighting, Xr2. And while a subject that's emerged as big UK news this week (following a fair few potential Turkey Twizzlers being destroyed by Bernard 'Bootiful' Matthews), this avian flu story is one that has previously dominated other areas around the world.
M.I.A. - aka Maya Arulpragasam - is an artist more than aware of what's going on globally: especially after travelling extensively with the likes of Dave 'Switch' Taylor while working on the forthcoming follow-up to her Arular debut. She has then witnessed the first stirrings of a possible pandemic well before it made the British front pages. And exclusively documented this in her unique style.
Now just tell us where we can sign-up for hourly updates from this informed London talent.

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