Monday, February 12, 2007

Repeat To Fade

I love remixes. I (perhaps naively) think of them as a creative collaboration instead of a dreary marketing tool. Although even I draw the line at remixes of remixes.

The turning point must have been when Timo Maas transformed the otherwise forgettable Doom’s Night into a big-on-the-2Step-scene quaking ‘wamp!’ assault which prompted a reissue as a bigger, supposedly brighter package. What followed were inferior versions made up from all the parts of Timo’s accidental anthem.

Now there’s the Switch remix of Freeform Five’s No More Conversations which hasn’t been within four miles of the original. Instead offering a fidgeting rework of Mylo's old retread, it’s – at the very least - a bit of a shame. The original is a fine piece of pop music that sounds like Blondie being poked and prodded by Xenomania. You can find it on the Strangest Things album. It was previously tweaked by Richard X [a fun clubby alternative], Soul Mekanik [a bit dull really] and Alter Ego [a completely unrecognisable tune]. Mylo’s similarly-timed commission, to be fair, has probably been the most consistent in terms of compilation licensing but that doesn’t mean we need the usually reliable Dave Taylor to provide a slightly different setting for those wobbly synths.

That said, ‘cannibal house’ – merely as a concept – is beginning to appeal.

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