Sunday, February 18, 2007

St Valentine's Love Massacre, Bar Monsta, London, 17.2.06

This was a fundraiser for the London Rollergirls, which my girlfriend has just joined. So we got entertaining hardcore punk - mostly of a goth, lesbian, or goth/lesbian variety - from Bloody Heels (lead singer on rollerskates), Voodoo Hussy (with a guest verse from MC Angel), and Love And A .45; plus some disconcertingly misandric compering. In the hierarchy of pop-cultural events vaguely related to roller derby, it probably beat the episode of CSI: New York where a roller girl dies from using poisoned shampoo.

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Anonymous said...

Do you have to be overweight and have a bad dye job and tattoos to be a dyke in London? If you're physically attractive and lack the proverbial tramp stamp, will they still let you in the union?