Sunday, January 28, 2007


I got the new Cocorosie album, The Adventures Of Ghosthorse and Stillborn, in the post on Friday. Mmmn, I thought and put it on straight away, having loved moments on their previous album, always taking small doses enough to dodge an overload of their peculiarly American wacky stylings. But this one had two big problems. One, the kookiness has been blown up to epic proportions making it sound at times like Joanna Newsom digging bad Beastie Boys; the sonic equivalent of pulling funny wide-eyed, head cocked sideways faces. But worse - much worse - is this lyric on apparent live 'favourite' Japan.

'Everybody wants to go to Jamaica' sings Sierra in Minstrel-style, cod-Caribbean accent. 'Queens in drag will surely fake you/Take you home and then they'll rape you/ But you like it so say thank you.'

There's wrongness there on more than one level. Not down with that, not one bit.


Anonymous said...

could you post an mp3 or two of this?!

Emma Warren said...

Sadly, my copy of the CD is watermarked, so even if I wanted to, I couldn't. You might find it elsewhere on a fansite, tho.