Friday, January 19, 2007

Vending machine

I've just bought the repressed Turbulence 'Notorious' 7" (with a new Diplo mix) which as well as being an awesome new-school Jamaican tune is currently being used by Radiohead to announce their on-stage arrival. It reminded me that I needed to ring Dub Vendor to arrange a visit for a feature we're doing for the next issue of Dummy. The man behind the counter was helpful but I could feel him screwfacing - in the nicest possible way - a tiny bit when I suggested coming in on Monday. Why? Because they're getting a shipment of totally fresh new tunes on Sunday and Monday'll be the first opportunity to buy those glossy nuggets of heat. "Sometimes we get a thousand people in when we've got new stuff," he said. "It gets a bit.... hectic."

Want to know what's going to be the biggest thing since record-breaking (and banned) number one 'Gash Dem'? You might need to camp out, but the answer's just inside the doors of Dub Vendor. Bump. I'm there.

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