Monday, January 29, 2007

Space aged

Just a thought really. If Myspace has really reached a tipping point where people are wanting to distance themselves from the hoards opting for glassy-eyed narcissism, then what next? I know it was only Preston who said it (something about Myspace no longer having the power to promote music in the way it did, ooh a whole year ago) but there seems to be something in it. Perhaps the future lies in forums like or where mixes and tunes can be upped in more surreptitious style. Although I can never work out why the latter doesn't use it's impeccable understanding of the past to do something new. What's the point of obsessing over your shoulder if you're not going to nick it all for some killer new music?

Or perhaps I'm just feeling a whole shift and it's simply that dance music, electronic music and all the stuff that doesn't require peeps in stage in skinnies has reached a tipping point again. It's not just that it's good, because obviously there's always been good stuff, even in the shadowy days at the start of the decade, but that it's got relevance again. And fans, in increasing numbers, too.

Hmm. Food/thought.

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