Monday, January 08, 2007


Just returned from an interview session with Muse-meets-Prodigy band Enter Shikari at one of their mum and dad's houses. They're reassuringly devoid of guile and relaxed with what they are. No faux punkisms or middle-class denial here!

(I'm approximating here because I haven't transcribed the tape yet but this is the jist)

Me: The first word you hear on your album is 'shit', screamed very loudly after three minutes of trance.
Rou: It started out as 'shout' because we didn't want to swear but then 'shit' just seemed better. We weren't going to have any swearing in it but we've ended up with three or four.
Chris: We hear people saying it all the time now. We walk into a bar and a whole load of people will all say 'shiiiiiiit!' at us. It's become a greeting.

Don't you just love a hardcore trancecore band who worry about having too much swearing in their record?

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