Monday, January 15, 2007

Some more things I love about dubstep Vol 3

You've got big whoomping wobblers by people like Coki at one end. Then records by Loefah that literally make pictures fall off the wall (or it did when I played 'System' to my friend). Crazy Aphex-titled numbers from Caspa. Devastatingly deep and simple tunes from Brizzle's Pinch and garage-dusted, even housey tracks from just-21-year-old D1. I could go on, but I'll leave you to find out for yourselves, if you care enough, on the awesome Get those download bars rolling...

There's a massive cover versions culture. Recent unofficial refix victims include Joanna Newsom, Minnie Ripperton and Hot Chip. That's not to mention all the reggae tunes that get a dubsteppa rub. They sound good, among all the heavy, forward-thinking sonics.

All the DJs and producers go to the clubs. That guy you chat to on the dancefloor turns out be Walsh of Croydon fame. Or Reso, who did Metal Slug. Or Benga with his crazy afro and razor-sharp cardigan. Plus, dubstep's male contingent -and let's face it, it's still at least 70% man - rate highly on the polite front: my friend told me about a guy who did that cute catch-you-round-the-waist thing at fwd last week. They had a little dance. Then he whispered 'thank you' in her ear and disappeared into the crowd.

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