Sunday, January 07, 2007


Condensed thoughts after last night's dmz in Brixton:

Deapoh, a babyfaced eighteen is a future star of dubstep. The official Souljah Of The Year runs and has just launched Bare Dubs with a wikkid Ramadanman 10". He played his first set at dmz last night - and smashed it.

The dubstep nation are making the most of National Express. People really travel for a dance: there was a whole section of the dancefloor which seemed only to contain bouncing, energetic Bristol heads. At the last dmz in Leeds, Melbourne DJ ac23 flew over especially.

Pinch's set was worth any amount of travel hassle. Bristol's kingpin DJ played the dubstep version of a slow jams set - always a good way to separate the wheat from the chaff. This was one heavy, deep, low-slung set of tunes. Eyes closed? You bet. Talking of bets, I would wager money that this boy's read The Art Of War. He's dubstep's Photek, for sure.

Dubstep seems to attract loads of diddy girls. I'm a pretty average 5'6 and I felt TALL.

The dmz DJ trio of Mala, Loefah and Coki know how to get the dance jumping. They took over from Pinch with.... Roots Manuva's Witness. That changed the vibe, for sure. Also in their set, Loefah's supercharged Disco Wrekkah, soon-coming DMZ 11 Bury The Bwoy, and a pull-up Lean Forward. For the uninitiated, dubstep fans can initiate a reload by pressing the stop button themselves. Only advisable for faces, though.

Benga rocks a mean cardigan.

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